11 August 2009


This is my second attempt at my first blog creation. I'm hoping that it will be an easy way for me to share my research (and especially my research process) with family and others who are interested in our lines.

When I started my genealogy research, I had my 4 grandparent's surnames, some good notes on one of them, and very little else. Now, about 10 years later, I have hundreds of surnames to research in the USA and Europe. Perhaps the biggest improvement is that I no longer feel alone in my quest. I have 'genealogy cousins' in several states and in England, in fact so many now that I am seriously behind in communicating with several of them....

My Hegwer's arrived in the USA in 1839 (or possibly 1840), settling in Wisconsin and moving to Kansas in 1857. The Richardson's were in Kentucky in the 1700's and migrated to Missouri.

My Carr's and Causier's arrived in the USA in the 1880's, coincidentally also first settling in Wisconsin. Bertha Maud Carr met Benjamin Theodore Hegwer in Nevada in about 1910.

My Porter's and Davison's, and all their lines appear to have come to America from England during the Great Migration. The earliest were clustered in Massachusetts and Connecticut, arriving in Vermont by about 1800 and on to California about 1910.

My Keating's and Dooley's are evidently Irish immigrants circa 1850 to Ohio. While I broke through a major brick wall with them this year, they are still my biggest problem and skimpiest gedcom.

I plan to use this blog to share research "finds" more than family trees per se. But given that this is all a grand experiment, we'll just have to wait to see how it ends up! Have a GREAT day!

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