22 September 2009

My Richardson Photos + one

After my father died in September, 1982, I found these three photos, some notes, and some letters. He had obviously been working on his ancestry, but I have no memory of him talking about it. I think he must have received them about the time he started to get sick in February of that year. Otherwise I'm sure he would have put them on display or at least have shown them to me. All three photos appear to be originals and are mounted on heavy cardstock with pencil and pen annotations on the back in 3 different handwritings. It's only been the last few years that I can bear to look at these notes and treasures.

Great-Great Grandfather John Richardson

This is the father of Margaret Lavina Richardson, which makes him a grandfather of Benjamin Theodore Hegwer and Raymond Dudley Hegwer. He was born 9 Feb 1829 and died 27 Oct 1908, both in Morgan County, Missouri.

The outside measurements are 13.5 cm x 16.2 cm. On the back, at the top, is a pencil 'John Richardson.' Below that in pencil but in a different hand is 2 lines: 'J. D. Richardson / Missouri.' At the bottom, in pen in my father's printing are 6 lines: John D. Richardson / Father of Ben T / Hegwer's mother / Margaret / Lavina / Richardson

Cousin Daisy V. Richardson

I believe that Daisy is my first cousin, twice removed. I believe that she is another of John D. Richardson's grandchildren but through his eldest child James Patrick Richardson and wife Margaret Jane Kindrick. Daisy was probably born about 1877 in Missouri. She may have become a nun and it appears that she died fairly young.

The overall measurements are 11 cm x 16.6 cm. The photographer's mark is embossed in a dark blue. [Sedalia is in Pettis County but not far from Morgan County]. At the back top, in pencil is 'Daisy Richardson.' Next to it in pencil but in a different hand is '-- deceased.' Immediately below that in the same hand is 'Cousin to BTH.' At the bottom in pen by my father are 2 lines: 'Daisy Richardson / cousin to Ben T. Hegwer.'

Lila Hegwer and Mabel York

Who are these lovely young ladies?

The overall measurements are 7.5 cm x 10.8 cm. The embossed photographer's mark is very hard to read. I believe it says "Castor's / 1131 13th St, Denver COLO." The only marking on the back is at the top in pencil in one hand: Lila Hegwer / Mabel York.

Given the 'Hegwer' and the Colorado location, I thought they were part of Raymond Dudley Hegwer's family, but I don't have a 'Lila' there at all. Also, I kind of think the photos came to my dad through Raymond's daughter Toots. If so, then she would have annotated them more specifically. Now, my best guess is that this is Henry Hegwer's daughter Lila by his second wife Flora Wallace. The family was living in Denver in 1913 and he did have a daughter Lila, who I believe married a 'Hibbert.'

As always, more information will be greatly appreciated! Have a great day!