27 January 2014

Advantages of Sharing Info: Great-Great-Grandmother Catherine Hughes

When I started working on genealogy, I had my grandparents' names and virtually nothing else.  It took some work and a lot of luck, but I was very fortunate to soon find other researchers who had been working for years and had all purposefully put their data online or published it in society newsletters, etc., to make it easier for others to find.  I think of their generosity whenever I meet genealogists who proudly proclaim they don't share their work.  I understand, and have had those thoughts myself..., but I know my research wouldn't be as far along as it is now without the help of others before me.

Today, I found Great-Great-Grandmother Catherine HUGHES' 23 July 1837 baptism in the Bishop's Transcripts of St. Thomas' Church in Dudley, Worcestershire, solely because of distant Cousin Judy and the info she shared with me several years ago.  She had done her research over years in the "dark ages" of genealogy research: alone, by hand, by snail mail, taking months to go from one clue to another.  Thank you, Judy! And, if you should see this, please contact me--I can't find you....

Line of Descent
John Hughes = Lydia Cooper
Charles Causier = Catherine Hughes
John Henry Carr = Ann Matilda Causier
Grandma, Bertha Maud Carr

FHL film # 350,620:  Pre-printed forms,  film starts at p. 230, goes to 300, and then starts over at #1 in about April.  Catherine's baptism is on the page numbered 64.  Unfortunately, Catherine's is one of the many which have only a baptism and no birthdate.