04 December 2016

Bannard, Carr, Hegwer: All Together

Annotations from the reverse of this photo, in the handwriting of my father, Herb Hegwer:

Location appears to be Uncle Fred & Aunt Jane's place in 5600 block Fair Ave
No Hollywood
Harry A Hegwer "Mickey"
Chas Wm Carr  -- Uncle Will
Mrs. Chas Wm Carr  --  Aunt Lottie
Herbert C Hegwer  --  myself
Raymond O. Bannard  --  cousin
Fred R. Bannard  --  Uncle Fred

My Comments--People
Mickey was Herb's younger brother.   (Their brother Ray, died in 1937. I think it's significant that he is not in this photo.)

Charles William Carr was a maternal uncle of both Hegwer's in this photo.  His wife, Aunt Lottie, was Charlotte M. Field.

Frederick R. Bannard was the husband of Jane Catherine Carr, sister to Charles. Raymond Otto Bannard was their son.

My Comments--Location
In the 1930  census, Fred & Jane Bannard were at 5630 Fair Ave and her parents, John Henry (died in 1933) & Anne Matilda (Causier) Carr at 5624 Fair.  The area changed jurisdictions often as Los Angeles grew.  Today with Google Maps, the house now at 5630 is probably basically original but clearly had additions. Next door, the street number is 5624 but the building is a large post-WWII apartment building.  But, given city directories & voter registers, they all seem to have left this street by about 1934.

My Comments--Dating the photo
The earliest date I have for the Hegwer's in Los Angeles is 1936; Herb would have been 23, Mickey about 18, & Ray Bannard about 20.  I think they all look older than that in this photo.  

Mickey died in Jan 1944, having enlisted Nov 1941.  So the photo is most likely between 1936 and 1944, and more probably before 1942.  Given who's not in the photo, I think this photo is more likely late 1940, maybe even at the time of Ann Matilda (Causier) Carr's funeral in 1940.

So...I'm not sure about the date/place combination.  Dad was pretty good about labeling photos and especially good about locations-- I am very hesitant to doubt him on that.  On the other hand, given that he did not give a date, I think he must have had some general doubt and that could include the location, too.

Maybe some of the other descendants can help me out here?!