14 November 2009

Grandma Bertha and her first child

My father was born ninety-six years ago today, 14 Nov 1913, in Logan Canyon, Utah, at the Utah Power and Light station where his dad was the head. There are some nice vintage photos of the power station in the Utah State University library collection. Note how the rock retaining wall in this photo is shown in the Utah State collection, too.

Herb was the first of eight children of Benjamin Theodore Hegwer and Bertha Maud Carr. They had eloped and married 10 September 1912 in Ely, Nevada. When Herb was born, Bertha was not quite 20 and Ben was 28.

My dad annotated the back of his baby photo. Since I never saw this photo before he died, I assume he received it shortly before he died in 1982. I don't think I ever would have recognized Grandma Bertha from this picture and certainly wouldn't have known it was my dad.

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