07 January 2011

First Friday Folder: Cary & Godfrey

I'm backdating this post a bit, but I did start it before January's first Friday...!  These are two of my eighth-great-grandparents: John CARY and Elizabeth GODFREY.  I picked this folder for this month because I haven't worked on them for a very long time, no one in the line of descent has been a FirstFridayFolder yet, and the folder looked awfully large.  I was hoping there would be lots to weed out, leaving more room in the file drawer!

Yes, I hadn't studied this couple for a long time: the family group sheet was six years old!  There were several printouts from 2003 of online, unsourced family trees--clearly from my name collecting days--and I discarded them.  Yeah! The file drawer has a little more room!

I ran the Cary/Godfrey names in searches in the NEHGS databases, printed out a few sheets, and updated the sources in my database.  Darn, now the folder is back to the size it was before I started....

Reviewing my notes in the family group sheet, I see that there is a good deal of controversy/uncertainty about John Cary's ancestry and early years.  I checked the Great Migration series at NEHGS and see that there is still no Cary sketch.  I checked Hollick's (2006) New Englanders in the 1600s and recorded the sources for Cary in my To Do file.

I need to study more on the best or standard format for locations in the Massachusetts area in the 1600s.  Should I be using colony names?  What was Bridgewater part of in 1644?  It seems to me that there should be a published,  industry standard for all those early towns for specific date ranges.

Line of Descent
John Cary  =  Elizabeth Godfrey
Joseph Cary  =  Maretia Mercie Bushnell
Elizabeth Cary  =  Seth Palmer
Joseph Palmer  =  Abigail Lasell
Zenas Palmer  =  Lydia Marshall
Lydia Palmer  =  David Bascom
Hannah Field Bascom  =  Titus Davison
Clara Eveline Davidson  =  Celim Homer Porter
L Willis Porter


  1. Have you ever found any evidence or records of any of your Cary or Godfrey ancestors migrating to Nova Scotia?

  2. Hi, Chris!
    Thanks for the question. I'm sorry for the delay in responding: I just plain wasn't monitoring comments received and I can only apologize. I've re-read all my notes and, no, I don't have any of them in Nova Scotia (nor anyone else for that matter). I'm also sending a response to your email address in case you've given up on me.... I love your blog BTW!