01 February 2011

Forgotten Settlers of Kansas: To Register or Not?

This group has publications, a nice webpage, and more, both for societies and individuals.  One of their projects is, in essence, a lineage society for direct descendants of so-called "Forgotten Settlers of Kansas."  Certificates are available in the following categories of Kansas residency:
  • Territorial  --   before 29 Jan 1861
  • Pioneer  --  between 29 Jan 1861 and 31 Dec 1880
  • Early Settler  --  between 1 Jan 1881 and 31 Dec 1900
It appears that great-great-grandparents Carl Benjamin Hegwer and Maria Rosina Ilgner, great-grandfather Charles Hegwer, and most of his siblings are eligible for the Territorial category and I could receive a certificate(s) by completing the application, supplying documentation, and paying $12. per individual.  Part of the application and documentation would be published in a book; names would be on their website.

I know Carl, Maria, Charles, and the other Hegwers are NOT forgotten!  While it's still a bit sad to me that all the Hegwer/Ilgner names do not appear on the lists at the website, I don't think I'll join the program.  What do you think?

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