03 August 2011

Great Resource at a Great Price

If you remember my last post earlier tonight, you can easily see that I'm catching up on reading the blogs I follow....

I've been meaning to do a thorough review/comment of Michael John Neill's Casefile Clues, but you know how time flies....  Now, I've just read Michael's latest offer for the whole first volume of Casefile Clues.  It says it's good as long as the link is hot; it was just a minute ago at 10:45pm Pacific time.

If it is still available and if you enjoy reading genealogy articles, emphasizing the research and thinking process, then this might be the best $10 you ever, ever spend.  I don't have the time to detail all the things I like about Casefile Clues, but some quickies are that
  • it's not for beginners, 
  • the examples are real and almost read like serial mysteries, and 
  • the charts he develops are super. 
I'll still get around to a full review someday, but don't let this bargain pass you by.

NOTE: Other than being a subscriber, fully paying my own way, I am in no way connected to Casefile Clues or  Michael John Neill and this post is completely independent (and unknown to him).

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