17 May 2012

More Map Sites

Maps are always great for genealogy.  Here's a site I've not seen before: Big Map Blog .  Some of the great maps there include Los Angeles (1928), Stamford CT(1883), Plymouth Bay (1770s), and British Isles (1801).  I only played around there for an hour or so ....

Another map site new to me is Open StreetMap, which says it is a "free wiki world map."  It's completely free mapping, a la google maps or map quest, but in the open source world.  It will grow and improve with its contributors.  Given the philosophy, there's got to be oodles & oodles of potential applications in genealogy &/or blogging....

I was led to these sites by one of my very most favorite websites/blogs/enewsletters: Planetizen.  It's not genealogy but it is great!  Since its focus is urban planning, maps are omnipresent and there's even an occasional cemetery mention.  I occasionally dream that if I had known about urban planning or if Planetizen had existed 50 years ago, perhaps I might have gone into it instead of education....

I first heard about Planetizen because one of my dearest friends works there.  I receive no special consideration from them.

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