08 June 2013

Jamboree: Day Two

I hit the exhibit hall first thing in the morning.  The highlight of that tour was a nice chat in the British Isles Family History Society table.

I was room monitor for a session in each of the next two slots.  Each speaker seemed unprepared for the presentation, one of them even began the talk by saying so!  Also, the content was not really what the descriptions said.  Had I not been room monitor, I would have left after 10 minutes and tried something else.  Consequently, I'm not naming names.

For my third session...
A Look at the FamilySearch Family Tree with Mike Provard  --  Right on topic, well organized, and a good overview.  I've stayed away from FS Tree, waiting for more of the bugs and tips to be worked out.  Now, I think I want to jump in, but there are issues I have to work through.   I'm still a bit bothered by the ease with which other users will be able to change my input.  Also, while gedcom uploads are possible, it doesn't really work with their structure of one tree rather than user "owned" trees.  Fixing the "duplicate" entries that a large upload would create would be awfully time consuming, but the thought of manually adding/checking a large number of people individually would be at least as time consuming.  And, then, if someone indiscriminately changed one of my well sourced entries ... This needs a lot more thought on my part, I guess.

Staying Safe Online with Thomas MacEntee  --  Excellent presentation on an important topic that requires seemingly constant study to stay on top of all the new onslaughts.  Lots of good tips.  I really like his inclusion of prevention and taking action against the perpetrators where possible.  Several helpful websites provided.

The free popcorn in the convention lobby was especially good! Less traffic on the trip home was nice.  Being passenger in a car with good popcorn to eat and little traffic is a great combination!

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