14 December 2009

Great New Resource: DAR Genealogical Research System

I'm a regular reader of Randy Seaver's Genea-Musings blog. His entries are frequently so good that I can tell I need to set one aside and come back when I can really get into it. Tonight I finally sat down to read his 20 November blog on how to use the DAR Genealogical Research System at the DAR website.

I won't use my time or space here needlessly repeat Mr. Seaver's info. I will say that I had a lot of fun putting in some of my PORTER-line ancestors and seeing what I got!

Dan DAVISON/DAVIDSON, Moses BATES, and Ichabod MARSHALL were all there! It doesn't look like there's any much new info for me, but I printed it out and will study it.

In addition to service info, there is info on which of their descendent lines have been used for DAR membership purposes. While the online info is NOT proof of lineage, it does give info that could facilitate finding primary sources. Be prepared to spend lots of fun time at this site!

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