16 June 2010

Mabel York: No Longer Unknown!

One of my blog posts from a few months ago included a photo of Lila Hegwer and Mabel York (and I've copied it again towards the end of this post).  I didn't discuss Mabel at all in the earlier post, assuming she was simply a friend of Lila's and no relation to my family at all.  But, in preparing photos to take to the Southern California Genealogy Society's Jamboree [2] last week, I came across a photo I didn't know I had:

 As you can see, this photo is clearly annotated that Mabel is a cousin to Ben Hegwer, my grandfather.  That was a big surprise!  So, just now, I went to my database to be sure that I have no YORKs, and found that I cannot count on my memory for much of anything anymore!  Yes, I have Mabel York and a fair amount of info on her!  And, I've had that information since at least January 2008.

Actually, Mabel and Ben are first cousins, once removed.  Mabel was one of at least 3 children of Clara Hegwer and a Mr. York.  Clara was one of the children of Henry Hegwer and his first wife, Katherenah Hornberger.  Mabel was born January 1892 in Colorado [1].

If my conclusions are correct for both girls, Lila would be Mabel's aunt, but is only about 4 months older than Mabel.  If we look at both photos side-by-side, do you agree that Mabel is the young lady on the right of the duo?

Lila Hegwer & Mabel York
Mabel York

I have no record of Mabel after the 1910 census.  Again, as you can see, the undated annotation says that she was deceased at the time of the annotation.  I hope there is a descendent of Henry Hegwer who can supply more info.

It's nice to know who the people in the photos are and how they fit in.  I hope that someone more closely related to Lila and Mabel than I will see and enjoy these photos!

Who knows what else I have in my files?  I must get better organized....

It's a real blow to, yet again, see that my memory is not what it once was....  I am going to have to make it a rule to ALWAYS check the database, no matter what my first impulse may be on whether or not I have a name on file. 

SOURCE and a Disclaimer/Comment
[1]  1910 US Census: Dist 96, Ward 8, Denver, Denver, Colorado

[2]  The featured photo of Mabel was scanned for me last weekend at Jamboree by ancestry.com during their  "free high-speed scanning" event.  Conference attendees (no ancestry subscription required) could make an online reservation before the conference, and then at the conference, select a specific time during the day of their reservation.  Images would be scanned into a complimentary USB drive carrying the ancestry.com logo.  The early info had included how to prepare and organize images for scanning and had said that they usually can do about 25 images in a person's time slot.  Hoping that most people would not take up ancestry.com's offer and there would be additonal time slots available, I took 87 images with me.  I was wrong about there being any extra time slots available, but it still turned out well that I had taken the extra images along!

What fun!  There were 3 scanning stations going.  The young man who did mine was very charming and very efficient.  Other than one newspaper page, my images were all simple photos organized just the way they had instructed.  He was able to do all 87 images in my 15-minute slot!  You will be seeing lots more of them here!  Thank you for this service and the USB drive, ancestry.com!  I do appreciate it.

I am an ancestry subscriber.  I do not receive any other special consideration from them.  I have never posted any photos at ancestry.com and do not have any intentions of doing so.

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