09 June 2010

Treasure from the TO-FILE Pile: Western Antique Power Associates

Yesterday, working my way down, I hit 3 copies of the 2009 newsletter of the  Western Antique Power Associates.  I had received them last October when we attended a local community fair and WAPA was one of the exhibitors.  I took these two photos of some of the equipment they had on exhibit.  The blur in the photo above shows that the engine was working with the wheel spinning!   When they set up working machines, they sell corn meal that was ground by an antique right there in front of you!

Their homepage has a link to the newsletter and the April 2008 newsletter is online.  My copies of the 2009 newsletters are either a 4- or 6-page, glossy, heavy stock publication.  Each of my issues included lovely color photos of their working antiques and older black & white historic photos.  Some of the machines included a fully restored John Deere model E tractor, Desjarden's engine, Bouris' Caterpillar, and an M. Lytle & Son cylinder (circa 1900) on a Gibbs, Russel & Company bed (circa 1860s) from the oilfields of Western Pennsylvania.

I'm not a totally dedicated power fan and don't know specifically what I've photographed, but I loved re-reading these 3 issues yesterday and I loved looking at these working antiques on display.  I know my dad would have absolutely loved them, too.  I bet he would have joined their group!  I've decided I don't have the room to archive the newsletter, but at least I've published this blog about them!

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