11 August 2011

Happy Blogiversary and a State-of-the-Blog Report

My second blogiversary!  I would not have bet that I'd make it this far! 
It looks like 32 posts in the last 12 months.  Maybe it could have been more, but life keeps getting in the way....

The number of formal followers has doubled (it's easy to double small numbers!), and all comments have been so very supportive.

The number of monthly pageviews has been over 300 for each of the last several months, but that's not counting last May when I was a big, big hit in Russia (I think some machine was trying to get in; I am not aware of any ancestors or followers there!).  I have to credit the increase (but not Russia) to having been included in Randy Seaver's Genea-Musings "Best of" list for 6 February 2011.  Thanks, again, Randy!

Last January's Resolutions
So far, I'm three for six!  That's not bad... and, hopefully, there'll be more progress by December!

New Look
And, here is the first post in the design I've selected for GreatGreats' third year!  I hope it's easy to read and that it's pleasing in appearance.


  1. Happy blogoversary! Your new look is very elegant.

  2. Thanks, Greta! That is very nice of you and greatly appreciated!