10 May 2013

NGS UNofficial Blogger: Day 3 & a hotel comment

Another great day!  Maybe not as overwhelmingly wonderful as the first two, but still great!!  I attended 4 conference sessions and 2 exhibit hall presentations at the FamilySearch booth:
America's Expansion: The Ohio Country 1783-1812 with Jana Sloan Broglin  --  Excellent, well-paced combination of early history of the early Ohio area and the records that resulted from all the different levels of jurisdiction.  Lots of good ideas for things I need to do now.... 
iGenealogy: There Is an App for That with Shamele Jordon  --  Wonderful presentation: lots of info clearly applicable to genealogy and charmingly, humorously presented.  I'll be sure to look for this speaker in the future.  I was committed to using EndNote after Day 1 with Cooke, but this made it even more attractive! 
Genealogical Applications of Historical Geographical Information Systems with Rick Sayre  --  I got to this one a bit late after walking out on one that was starting much, much too introductory.  Very interesting examples.  I'll have to try lots of these websites when I get home. 
Planning 'Reasonably Exhaustive' Research with Thomas Jones  --  Perhaps not as tightly organzed as his session yesterday, but still extremely useful.  Some of it was a tad repetitive, but it's the sort of info that needs repeating, given how important it is. I'm eager to read his new book.
The 2 talks I heard at the FamilySearch booth were very interesting and well done.  I was able to ask questions and see more of the new features in action.  I must join the indexing....

Still no sign of The Ancestry Insider.  Oh, well... that's about the only conference goal I didn't meet.

Non-Genealogy comment, in the category of "It's not me, is it?"   --  The hotel has a "Going Green" program.  Guests receive an $8 coupon for everyday that room housekeeping service (ie, towels changed) is not used.  Great environmental effort! But, tonight we ate at the gourmet burger restaurant.  Food and service were excellent, as expected given the price.  The striking thing was the glass of plain water requested for my beverage was delivered in a plastic bottle with an LVHotel label and 2 plastic straws.  Not terribly environmental.  But the really non-environmental part was that, according to the label, it was bottled in Los Angeles! So, water from the Colorado River was 'aquaducted' to Los Angeles, bottled, and trucked back to Las Vegas.  I don't think that's so green.... even as I used my GoingGreen coupon to help (just a bit) pay the bill....  And, now, I wonder where the tap water I've been drinking in the room came from....

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