18 May 2013

NGS: UNofficial Surprise

The string is broken: I have won a prize from putting my info in at a genealogy convention booth!  I'm probably something like 1 out of 5,000 now over 15 years...I'm considering quitting a winner.

I had originally planned a post about the NGS exhibit hall and give little prizes like prettiest brochure and best candy.  But I just let it go after I got home from Las Vegas.  I sort of figured that, after already being included in Randy Seaver's Genea-Musings as someone who blogged about NGS, why go any further?

Then, yesterday, I received the nicest email from Cynthia Richardson of Genlighten, announcing that my name had been drawn from those submitted at their booth. The email was striking in that she took the time to write a very warm note rather than just a simple announcement.  She also had the great courtesy to ask my permission to publicly announce that I had won.

DISCLAIMER: I am not associated with Genlighten and my having a blog did not affect the drawing.  They didn't even know I had a blog until I asked permission to post my winning.  Entering nor winning was not contingent upon posting anything or on anything else.  

PS: Prettiest Brochure would have gone to Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department.  I don't even have ancestors from Oklahoma and picked up the brochures for a friend.  Both of the brochures I picked up are absolutely beautiful, filled with content and no fluff.  And, entirely coincidentally, Best Candy would have gone to Genlighten for yummy chocolates. 

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