10 June 2015

Great Image of Henry Hegwer

I was extremely successful at the TechZone at SCGS Jamboree this year!  I am extremely happy to have found an obituary for Great-Grand-Uncle Henry Hegwer, ninth child of my great-great-grandparents Carl Benjamin and Maria Rosina (Ilgner) Hegwer. It's fairly lengthy and with a style of excess that fit the era.  There are some errors but mostly sins of omission and exaggeration.  The great thing that got me so excited is the image of Henry that was included!

This is a screen clip from the Denver Post of 15 Dec 1921, p. 10, cols. 5-6 obituary accessed through GenealogyBank.  It's not the best quality and I don't see a lot of resemblance to present day Hegwer's, but he does clearly have a Hegwer-style forehead!  Maybe there's still hope that I'll, one day, find a photo of his baby brother, my great-grandfather, Charles Hegwer….

I do want to take the time to point out two main errors in this obituary:

  • Henry was born 8 Oct 1842 in Freistadt, Ozaukee, Wisconsin.  The family did not go to Kansas until 1857.
  • Henry was married three times: Kate Hornberger, Flora Wallace, and Fritchie (Knight) Conda.  The marriage to Mrs. Conda lasted only about five weeks before Henry filed for divorce, which was granted a year later, but that's still a marriage.
Thank you, Southern California Genealogy Society! Thank you, GenealogyBank!  I'm very happy to have this image of Henry Hegwer!

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