26 June 2015

Just a Great Coincidence?

My mother would have been 93 years old today but I wouldn't be blogging about it if it hadn't been for today's obituary section of the Los Angeles Times.  About 60% of Section B, page 6 is filled with the obituary of Patrick Macnee and includes a classic image from "The Avengers."  I was surprised to see that he shared her birth year.  He was one of mom's most favorite actors: she loved "The Avengers" with Macnee and Diana Rigg, but she would watch them no matter which female lead was present.  I have very fond memories of watching the episodes in the 1960's with Mom.  In later years, she was always ecstatic when she found reruns on TV.

The remaining 40% of the page was the obituary of Don Featherstone, designer of the vivid pink plastic garden flamingoes of 1957.  The obituary includes a cute image of Featherstone with oodles of his flamingoes.  Mom loved garden art, especially animals.  We had several of those original flamingoes and she added/replaced them over the years; I have no idea how many she had in her lifetime.  And, I never had any trouble finding a gift for her for any event or just because!

It's hard to believe it's merely a coincidence that, on her birthday, a whole page of the newspaper is consumed by two things she loved.  I hope the families of Patrick Macnee and Don Featherstone realize how many memories they created for so many people.

My brother and I split her garden art.  I think she might have been surprised to know we have kept it.  I know she'd be surprised to see that I have added to it.

 I need to get a pink flamingo as soon as possible.

[Images all by me of some of Mom's garden art in my yard -- all rights reserved.]

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