22 March 2010

Back from Researchin'!

What a great trip!  I visited family & friends and got to spend two full days at the Family History Library.

At the FHL, I examined over 50 books, saw 29 microfilms/fiche, made 230 digital images from books or films, and spent an hour with a German-reading volunteer on translating some sources.  I am really impressed with the new digital coping process for microfilms.  

It's going to take me a good while to get all this new info analyzed.  I didn't find anything that is obviously a barn-burner for any of my direct lines, but I think there is a lot here that may lead in good directions.

The researching was great, but easily the best part was spending time with family and friends.  That part of the trip was much too short.  My dear aunt once again pulled out previously unseen, old family photos.  Some of them will show up here shortly!

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