22 March 2010

Grandparents Bertha & Ben

Bertha Maud Carr was born 13 December 1893 in Racine, Racine, Wisconsin to John Henry and Ann Matilda (Causier) CARR.  Benjamin Theodore Hegwer was born 22 February 1885 in Goff, Nemaha, Kansas to Charles Herman and Margaret Lavina (Richardson) HEGWER.

They were married 11 September 1912 in Ely, White Pine, Nevada, where both Ben and John Henry were working.  This photo shows them in the mid to late 1920s in Salt Lake City, Utah.  By then, the family was living in St. Charles, Bear Lake, Idaho. 

The building with the water tank is the Salt Lake Hardware on N. 400 West just north of North Temple.  The railing was in front of the Union Pacific Railway Depot.  Where they are standing is now the front of a new Hyatt.  So, the railing is gone, the street looks different, and there is now an overpass in the way between where they were standing and the building, but the building is still there!

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