04 March 2010

Goin' Researchin' !

This is to announce that there won't be any new entries here for a while: I am going to Salt Lake City next week for several days! So, right now, I'm working hard on pre-research homework:
which families and locations am I targeting: I know I want to read the book shelves for specific counties: Knox, Seneca, and Ottawa in Ohio and Estill in Kentucky
what specific books do I want to see that are not available to me otherwise
I've got 3 documents or book extracts set aside which I need to discuss with a volunteer who reads German
I need to place an advance request for 2 films from the vault
I have 2 non-circulating microfiche to see
some other quickie microfilms do I need to see; ie, index films or quick vital records, as opposed to films like town records or deeds that require careful reading (I don't mind ordering those through my local FHC). I'll also use this trip to look at films that I don't expect to be useful but that I'd still like to see but don't want to pay $6 on a whim!
For my first trip there, I had studied Nancy Carlberg's Researching in Salt Lake City and found it quite useful. I think I'll try to reread it again before I leave!

I'm so excited! When I included a Family HIstory Library trip as one of my resolutions, I really wasn't sure it could happen! Have a great few weeks and I'll let you know all about it!

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