18 July 2010

1928 in St. Charles, Idaho: 1st and 2nd Grades

This photo of the thirty-four 1st & 2nd graders of the 1927/28 school year completes my little series: these four class photos of Wilson Grade School in St. Charles, Bear Lake County, Idaho, are the only ones I have.  The school is not named, but again, the building matches that of the well-labeled 7th/8th grade photo.  The teacher is Mrs. Bowman and there are no individual student grade levels indicated.    This photo is unique in that, for the first time, the names on the back are in two distinct hands and not all children are fully named.  [Again, I've used brackets below for my comments.] 
  1. Reed Pugmire
  2. Mark Pugmire [name in different handwriting]
  3. Darl Transtum [surname in different handwriting]
  4. Maretta [may have originally been 'Marie'; written over in different handwriting] Crossly
  5. Lilias Pugmire
  6. June Wilhelmsen
  7. Erma Peterson
  8. Elzo Bunderson
  9. Dean Pugmire
  10. Ardy Bunderson
  11. Averill Pugmire
  12. Rex Arnell
  13. Lelia Hegwer [about age 6 1/2 at the time of the photo]
  14. Oral Pugmire
  15. Lavon Calton
  16. Rula Bunderson
  17. Nora [Nona?; no surname]
  18. [blank]
  19. Leah Pugmire
  20. Oreal Linford
  21. Doris Transtrum [last syllable of surname in different handwriting]
  22. Armond Windly
  23. Rao Floyd
  24. Virl Rich [Vearl Rich--see reader's comments below]
  25. La Ree Laker
  26. Dale Brewer
  27. Rex Linford
  28. Cecil Windly
  29. Boyed Colton
  30. Ross Bunderson
  31. Jennie Mickleson
  32. Estella Peterson
  33. Fawn Hill
  34. Mong Pugmire
It bothers me that two of the children are not fully identified; perhaps someone can help.  And, I wish I had the time to put all of the children of Wilson Grade School into family groups.

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  1. Thanks for letting me know about your posting these photos -- don't know how I could have missed them. Number 2. Mark Pugmire is not only my third cousin twice removed, but he is also my aunt's father-in-law. My cousins would love to see this photo.

  2. GREAT PHOTO !!! Number 30, Ross Bunderson, is my grandfather.

  3. I looked through the 1930 census and found a couple of names of girls around that age that were not listed. Zula Floyd, Ardath Arnell, Larue Clark, and Lelia Hegwer. Also according to the census some of the names are different spellings (I know they weren't as accurate at keeping records back then)
    4. Maurita Crossley
    10. Arden Bunderson (Ardy was probably nickname)
    20. Orneal Linford
    21. Doris Transtrun
    24. Vearl Rich
    31. Jennie Michaelson
    34. Mona Pugmire

  4. Thanks, Debra! Great work and a wonderful addition to this effort. Lelia Hegwer is #13. These class photos continue to be my most viewed posts.

  5. Number 24 is my grandpa, and it's spelled Vearl Rich. He is alive and well. In 2009 he and eight others had their 70th high school reunion.

  6. Also, a new school was built not long after this photo, and most of these kids attended it. The newer building is still there next to the lds church in St. Charles.

    1. Wow! And, thanks, Jimmy39! I'm sure Aunt Lelia will be tickled to hear that your grandfather is doing so well! Thanks for the school info, too; I'm going to go try and see the school on google street view or something else....