05 July 2010

1928 in St. Charles, Idaho: 7th & 8th Grades

This is one of the photo scans I brought home from my visit with my aunt in March.  As you can see, it is labeled as the 7th & 8th grade class of Wilson Grade School in St. Charles, Bear Lake County, Idaho.  I have no idea who did the typing or annotations.

If you look closely, you can see that each of the students has been 'numbered'  left to right and in sequence: top row 1 to 9, second row 10-17, third row 18-27, and front row of kneeling boys 28-34.  Mr. Ralph Brimhall, principal & teacher, was annotated on the back by name and as "the old man."

On the back of the photo, each numbered student is listed in a column by grade level.  The writing on the back is apparently one handwriting but with two differently colored inks, perhaps written at two different times.  The names are in blue but annotations and marriages are in black. 

Here is my best guess at transcribing the names and notations on the back.  I can send a scanned copy to anyone who is interested.

2 Dewedle Peterson
3 Harold Peterson
4 Preston Michilson
8 La Preal Pugmire
9 Or Reta Rich
14 Preston Pugmire
16 Cleone Widely
18 Myrna Wilks
19 Vernon Rich
20 Valois Arnell
22 Virginia Bunderson
23 Lillan Bunderson
24 Lee Bunderson
25 Almer Peterson
26 La Preal Brewer
27 Corrine Wilermian
28 Alfred Peterson
34 Lester Wilermiam Clark ('Clark' and the strike-through in black)
35 absent Dora Allred
36     "     Emma    "

1 Beatrice Michilson
5 Principal
6 Herbert Hegwer
7 Myrle Linferl
10 Agnes Croseley
11 Donald Stewert
12 Andrew Michilson
13 Lowell Floyd
15 Winona  "
17 La Ree Peterson
21 Fern Hill
31 Reed Laker
32 Adriaen Stewert
33 Man Cleavland
30 Elden Even Pugmire
29 Evan Allred

OrReta Rich -------------------
Myrna Wills  -------------------
Virginia Bunderson now Mrs Devirl Wittington -- 1932
Lee Bunderson -- married Margaret Grandy, Paris -- 1935
La Priel Brewer  --  "        Jullian Thornoch, Bloomington -- 1931
Corine Wilskilmson xxxx " Cleneta Arnold, St. Charles about 1932
Dora Allred            "  Andrew Thompson, Bloomington - 1935
Beatrice M.            "  -------------------------
Agnes Crossley       "   ------------------------
Winma Floyd         "    Bob Rosen, Paris
LaRe Peterson        "   Emmet "Hum" Monson, St. Charles 1933
Erma Allred            "  Curtis Pugmire                    "           1934

The ditto marks are clearly for the word 'married' in the Married section.  I interpret the lines after the names as meaning that the writer knew the person was married but did not know to whom.  I cannot read the marks after Corine Wilskilmson; I think it originally said "(dead)" but was later written over as "deceased."

My dad is #6.  He would have been 14y 5m when this was taken.  He did not start school until 1923, but was promoted quickly to finish 3rd grade by the end of the school year 1923-24.  Dad frequently talked about 'Junior' Pugmire being his best friend in St. Charles.  I wonder if that is one of these Pugmire boys?

I also have scans of the 1st/2nd, 3rd/4th, and 5th/6th classes of that year.  I'll get them into the blog shortly.  I do so hope someone will find these all useful!  Have a great day!

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  1. I am the youngest child of Junior Pugmire. He is still alive as of this post and would be happy to visit with you about your father. Please contact me at jrpugmire@gmail.com if you are interested. Thanks for the post!

  2. Thank you so very, very much! You have brought tears to my eyes. I'll immediately email you.

  3. My father was Cleneth Arnell who married Corinne Wilhelmsen in 28 June 1933. She died in December of the following year two months after the birth of their first child, Douglas Cleneth Arnell. Cleneth married my mother Norma Hodges in 1939... a 1949-50 1-3 grade school shot of Wilson Elementary can be seen at this link... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150866352634363&set=a.10150674762029363.458012.728824362&type=1&theater
    Thank you for your efforts to preserver and share these photos... most of the names and faces in these photos were the adults of my young life in St. Charles... thank you, thank you. [Jan's husband, Cleneth Brent Arnell]

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  5. Thank you!!! Adrian Stewart is my grandfather. I would love a scanned copy of this photo as well as the 3rd and 4th grade photo. divab4ever@hotmail.com