15 July 2010

1928 in St. Charles, Idaho: 3rd & 4th Grades

Here are the 3rd and 4th graders at Wilson Grade School in St. Charles, Bear Lake, Idaho for the 1927/28 school year.  As with the previous photos, the names are annotated on the back on the photo, but this time, grade level for individual students is missing.  The school name is also absent, but the front of the building is clearly that of the well-labeled 7th/8th grade photo.  The teacher is labeled as 'Miss Grojean.'  Note that both the photo and the listing on the back have consecutive students numbered as #3.

1.  Rex Wilhelmsen
2.  Junior Pugmire
3.  David Micklison
3.  Billie Wilhelmsen
4.  Stanley Mickleson
5.  Noel Linford
6.  Delmar Arnell [originally posted as 'Ginell;' please read the comments below]
7.  Rondle Peterson
8.  Cortney Brewer
9.  Laura Stewart
10.  Leora Pugmire
11.  Leona Peterson
12.  Clea Wendly
13.  Wane Pugmire
14.  Marion Pugmire
15.  Jessie Stewart
16.  Sterling Rich 
17.  Marion Brewer
18.  Labore Lovar Pugmire
19.  Ray Hegwer  [Ray would have been about 11 1/2 when the photo was taken.]
20.  Ione [Jane?] Rich
21.  Presely Floyd
22.  Ephrian Croossly
23.  Oran Peterson
24.  Robert Minor Pugmire

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  1. The correct last name for student number 6 is Arnell.

  2. Thank you, troop 981 Scouts! Yes, I've reviewed my photocopy of the names on the back of the photo, and it looks like a scratch on the "Ar" is what I was misreading as a "Gi." It bothered me that there were no other 'Ginell's in the school, but I didn't want to try and make up a name! I will edit the post to reflect your info. I hope you've looked at all the names on all four photos and will keep me corrected!