11 July 2010

1928 in St. Charles, Idaho: 5th & 6th Grades

The reverse side of this photo is labeled as Grades 5 & 6 of St. Charles, Idaho 1928-27.  It certainly appears to be the same school (Wilson Grade School in St. Charles, Bear Lake County, Idaho) as in the more specifically labeled photo of the 7th & 8th graders.  The teacher is identified as Jack Wright.

The numbering on the front goes left to right, beginning with the boys kneeling in the front and proceeding up to the back row, and ending with #29.   There is a #6 at the end of the kneeling row and again at the beginning of the second row.  I do not know who made the annotations but it appears to be by an adult.  The names on the back are in numerical order with each one labeled with grade level; there are no other annotations.  [I've used these brackets below for my comments.]
1.  James Pugmire 6B
2.  Max Williamson 6B
3.  Lamel [Laurel?] Pugmire 6B
4.  Alfred Keetch 6B
5.  Claude Willianson 6A
6.  Weldon Peterson 5A
[a second #6 at the beginning of second row]6.  Elmer Transtrum 6A 
7.  Cloyd Minor 6A
8.  D'Orr Bunderson 6B
9.  Myrtle Pugmire 6B
10.  Effie Hymas 6A
11.  June Bunderson 6A
12.  Irene Peterson 65A
13.  Lamel [Laurel?] Windly 65A
14.  Melba Pugmire 5A
15.  Ben Bunderson 5A
16.  Preston Booth 6A
17.  Dannie Benson 6A
18.  Helen Hill 6A
19.  Venice Pugmire 6A
20.  Verla Pugmire 6A
21.  Aseal Rich 5A
22.  Billie Floyd 6A
23.  Carl Clark 6A
24.  Murnell Michaelson 6B
25.  Jack Wright -- Teacher
26.  Lawand [Lawang?] Michaelson 6A
27.  Enid Peterson 6A
28.  Chloey Floyd 6A
29.  Margaret Hegwer 6A [My Aunt Margaret is about 13 here; she died about 18 months after this photo was taken.]

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  1. I was searching for the old St. Charles ward house when I stumbled onto this site. Wow. Number one in the 5 & 6 grade class is my grandfather James Pugmire, what an exciting thing to find "out of the blue". Thank you so much for posting these bits of history!

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